Find Out What Apps Do Cheaters Use & How to Find Them!

We know you are here with the thought that what chat apps do cheaters use because you are probably in the unwanted situation of suspecting a cheating partner. These are difficult times, but one needs to go through them so that they can be better later.

Other than the challenges, virtualization also gives solutions, and we are here to help you with both. Let us tell you about the apps your cheating partner might be using and how to find out if they are doing so at all.

What Chat Apps Do Cheaters Use – About the Cheating Apps

Cheating is the hardest reality that one has to accept when it happens in relationships. The result is a broken and devastated heart when someone finds out about their partner has been cheating on them.

The modern dating world is, sadly, crowded with cheaters, and the virtualization of everything has a lot to be held responsible for this.

We are talking about the cheating apps that help the cheaters go on with their secret involvements with their partners remaining in the dark.

There are plenty of such apps available for both Android and iOS users who want to have illicit relationships behind the backs of their partners.

The List of All the Cheating Apps Used by Cheaters

Here is a list of some of the popular apps that cheating people use. Some of the names might surprise you as these apps are a part of the daily virtual lives of people which makes it hard to suspect them.

#1 – Telegram

What Apps Do Cheaters Use - Telegram

This can be a surprising name to come across while finding what apps do cheaters use because it has been advertised like a regular social application. However, taking a look at its following features will tell you why it is a great app for the cheaters too:

Hidden chats– These conversations are too tricky to find since they can only be unlocked with a unique pin set by the main user. Once hidden, these chats can only be accessed by the person with the accurate pin.

Self-Destructing chats– This is an interesting feature of the app where the messages disappear for the users on both ends after a certain time limit. This restriction can be set by any of the users. Thus, the cheaters can do inappropriate things confidently on this app without any fear of getting caught.

#2 – Viber

What Apps Do Cheaters Use - Viber

This may seem like a simple conversation platform to most from the outer appearance, but it has a lot of features that can make the task easier for cheaters. We are talking about the options of Hidden chats and Secret chats that allow users to chat in private and keep all the conversations completely hidden and away from access by anyone. Here is how:

Hidden chats – This is just like the hidden chat feature of Telegram, where chats become inaccessible in the absence of a unique pin set for them to unlock.

Secret chats – These Viber chats have messages getting deleted automatically within 5 minutes so that they get visible to nobody afterward, even the main user itself.

#3 – WhatsApp

What Apps Do Cheaters Use - WhatsApp

If you have thought that what apps do cheaters use on iOS devices, then WhatsApp is our answer for you. Other than being one of the top messaging apps for users around the world, it is also a popular choice of cheaters with iPhones.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can talk to anyone on this platform without any restrictions, and it demands constant monitoring to know what’s going on the WhatsApp with your partner.

Learn more about WhatsApp cheating and how to find someone on WhatsApp with ease too.

#4 – Snapchat

What Apps Do Cheaters Use - Snapchat

This is, hands down, one of the easiest social applications that can be used by cheaters. This is because the basic concept of this app involves messages being available for viewing only for a limited period, after which they disappear completely. Sounds like the perfect thing for cheaters, eh?

Any cheating partner can exchange messages with anyone on their Snapchat platform and be assured about no trace of being left behind without having to even do anything about it. The app itself removes all the things that can be used as proof, and you will not be able to know anything about any suspect.

If you wonder how to perform Snapchat cheating, here are the full guides for you.

#5 – Phone and Messages

These are the most basic phone applications that can be used by anyone to cheat on their partners. Since these are regular apps, people usually tend to ignore them while monitoring their partners’ devices.

However, we suggest that you do check these apps along with the history of the phone and message app as you may end up finding something suspicious or valuable enough that can help to clear out the doubts in your mind.

Also, if you wonder Is he cheating or am I paranoid, here are the best solutions for your reference.

#6 – Tinder

While looking for what apps do cheaters use, dating apps are the prime suspect, and Tinder is the top app in that group.

This app works on the concept of showing you profiles of people in a set geographical circle that includes their photos and details about them. Two people become a connection when they right swipe on each other and become able to chat or date after that.

If you find out this app is there on the phone of your partner, then this is a terrible sign that your partner is cheating on you. This app is mostly used for hookups, causal affairs, etc., and why would your partner need it if they have you.

#7 – Bumble

This is another dating platform only with more women-centric features that make it more useful for female partners cheating. The app is a little different from the others due to the following features:

Females can start the conversations– Other than the app being used by same-sex couples; the conversations can only be initiated by the female.

Expired match– If the other person doesn’t respond to the message sent by the ladies within 24 hours, their match will end, and they will no longer be able to see the profile.

#8 – Grindr

Another hookup cum dating app but less popular, Grindr, is mostly used by queer, bisexual, and gay users. This app works like Tinder and Bumble only where they swipe on each other, connect, and then date as per their mood.

You can even share your location with the people you connect to in this app. What is worrisome about the cheating app is that it is highly used by married people but undercover.

Catch Cheaters with the Best Monitoring Application – KidsGuard Pro

Now that we have told you what apps do cheaters use, along with giving the important details about them, we are going to make all the efforts worthwhile with great help.

It might not be an easy task to check if your partner is using any of these on their devices, and further difficult is to catch them in the act or gather proof to confront them.

Coming back to the help that we promised just now, we are going to give you the name of a great application that will let you find out if your partner is cheating or not.

KidsGuard Pro is one of the top apps for couples with trust issues and a great monitoring application that can let you make checks into other devices and know what activities are being carried out by the target user.

This application can be used on both Android as well as iOS devices that are being used by your partner. You will need to give five minutes to set up the app on the target device and start monitoring it immediately.

Main Features of the KidsGuard

This is one application that will let you have comprehensive monitoring control over the target device, and here are some of the ways it is going to do that for you:

  • You can check all the call and text logs on the device. This means that you can see the conversations and the contacts to completely understand what is going on and what is being talked about.
  • The app can also put at your disposal the complete contact list stored in the target device. This way, you can even contact any of the people that you suspect.
  • You can even record the calls that happen on the device with this application. This way, you will have hard proof while confronting them about the truth.
  • This app also allows you to capture screenshots of conversations, calls, images, or anything else that you find suspicious in the target device.
  • You can even densely monitor the device by getting access to the browser history of its user.
  • One of the best things that this app lets you know, along with what apps do cheaters use, is what things they deleted from their device. This keeps you one step ahead in the game as the app will help you know all about whatever is deleted from the device.

Major Benefits of Using the KidsGuard

There are many unique qualities of this app that make it stand ahead of the rest, and here is a rundown of some of the major advantages of this application:

  • Most important of all, this app allows you to do everything remotely. You don’t need to have first-hand access to the target device to carry out any monitoring activity.
  • Another great thing about the app is that it remains fully invisible to the target device. It works in stealth mode, and the user wouldn’t be able to find it ever.
  • The app is very easy to use with its super smooth user interface and high operability. You won’t need to possess any kind of technical knowledge to become able to operate this application.
  • The iOS devices are particularly difficult to be broken into or monitored, but this doesn’t remain the case anymore with the KidGuard Pro app. You won’t have to root the iOS device or jailbreak into it so that there emerges the risk of your partner suspecting your intentions.
  • The application doesn’t have a huge subscription fee as compared to other apps in the market.

Having seen all these features and benefits of the application, it would be safe to say that KidsGuard Pro is going to save you from the sudden disappointment and pain that you might have to suffer when it gets too late.

With this app, you will be able to take steps at the right time by having all the information right in front of your eyes and stored too for later purposes.

Conclusion on What Chat Apps Do Cheaters Use

This was all about what apps do cheaters use and how you can find out about them. It is not always easy to be able to check the device of people, especially when they are cheating.

The KidsGuard Pro will help you out the best if you are suspecting your partner of cheating and find out about things at the right time without any major loss.



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