The Comprehensive Snoopza Reviews

Do you know that you can track your kid’s smartphone activities?

In this article, we have discussed a WhatsApp tracker app called Snoopza.

Read this Snoopza Reviews and know how you can monitor your kid’s mobile?

You can find many apps to monitor your kid’s activities on his/her smartphone. However, it is not easy to find an authentic and safe app. Try typing ‘Free WhatsApp spy app,’ and you will see Snoopza at the top of the list of apps.

Snoopza is regarded as one of the best spy apps out there. It is safe and secure, and you can trust this app easily with your data.

Snoopza Reviews

More importantly, it is free of cost. Isn’t it amazing? Snoopza incorporates features and functions that can easily record calls and WhatsApp text messages.

You can even read messages sent on your kid’s smartphone without having their smartphone.

And this allows you to silently keep track of your kid’s phone. That is why for your kid’s safety, we have decided to do Snoopza Reviews. 

We will also discuss whether Snoopza is a free WhatsApp spy app or not? So, without further ado, let’s dive into Snoopza Reviews

Why Should One Track Someone Else’s Messages on WhatsApp?

Sometimes due to some circumstances, spy apps become important to track the mobile phone of a particular person. As an employer, parent, or lover, you might need such spy apps to find out the unusual activity of your employee, children, or your partner.

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Using Snoopza for Your Kid’s Safety

Many people use social media platforms and other internet sources to manipulate and lure kids and teenagers. As a parent, it is your responsibility to prevent your kid’s from falling into cybercrime.

Snoopza helps you to track all your kid’s activities on his/her smartphone. It provides you with real-time data with the help of which you can prevent untoward incidents.

Using Snoopza for Company’s Security

If you are an employer and want to check the loyalty of your employees, you can use Snoopza. This will allow you to overcome any adversity timely. 

In the first section of Snoopza Reviews, we have discussed how this app helps in different aspects? Read further to understand the importance of this app for your kid’s safety.

Why Do You Need Snoopza for Your Kid’s Safety?

Parents are responsible for the well-being of their children. We have listed below the possible adversity that your child might face online. 


Snoopza Reviews - Cyberbullying

This is the common and most sensitive cybercrime case that many children have a face. Online predators choose young and innocent kids as their bait. It is easy to manipulate kids’ and teenagers’ minds and spread rumors about them. This leads to emotional breakdown and distress, which further leads to depression and anxiety.

Hence, as responsible parents, you must monitor every small activity that your kids do on their mobiles. This is the only way to save your kid from cyberbullying. 


Snoopza Reviews - Sexting

Today, a good percentage of teenagers are involved in sexting and watching adult movies. Their curiosity and proactive state of mind sometimes become a problem for themselves.

They indulge themselves in inappropriate activities like sending nude pictures and sexting. That is why it is important to check their mobile and warn them of any wrongdoings. 

Protect Sensitive Information

Protect sensitive information

Social media apps are quite popular among kids and teenagers, as well as online predators. These online predators hunt for innocent kids and teenagers and then blackmail them. The rise in pedophilia cases is one of its examples. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of everything happening in your kid’s life.  

Protect Against Viruses and Malware

Some applications and websites are not encrypted thus, incorporating the danger of viruses and malware. Once you visit such sites, it can cause severe damage to your devices.

Kids cannot differentiate between these websites and software because they look like normal programming applications. Hence, as a parent, you must check whether your kid is accessing malware websites or not.

How to Use Snoopza? 

Now that you know why Snoopza is important for your kid’s safety, let’s head further on how you can download this app and set it up on the device. We have included step by step guide in this section of Snoopza Reviews. 

Snoopza makes it simple for you to spy on your kid’s mobile. Its features and mechanism are quite simple and easily accessible. This WhatsApp spy app provides you with every small detail about your kid’s mobile.

Follow the below steps to use Snoopza. 

  • 1: Go to the official website of Snoopza and sign up with your credentials. 
  • 2: Download the Snoopza on your device. 
  • 3: Now, start monitoring your targeted device.

You will get all the data of your targeted device on the control panel. Most importantly, this app can target at least five devices in one go. This makes it more effective and efficient than other spy apps.

It allows you to target any device, whether it is a smartphone or tablet. Plus, you get all the information related to social media platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

Is Snoopza Available for Free?

Yes, Snoopza is available on Google Play Store for free. However, its free version only incorporates a few features.

To get advanced and complex features, you need to buy its Standard plan. It has two versions, Basic and Standard. Read further to know the difference between the two versions.

Basic Plan

Basic Plan only allows you to track the messages and calls of the targeted device. Plus, you can use the GPS feature and track history. 

Standard Plan

To use Standard Plan, you need to buy a subscription for $14.95 per month or $99.95 for 12 months. This plan not only allows you to track the messages, calls, and history but also records the calls.

You can monitor all the social media platforms and other online platforms. Not only this, but you can also track the camera and to-do list of your target device.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Snoopza Spy App

Snoopza is indeed an advanced and efficient WhatsApp spy app that tracks everything on the target device.

Despite its amazing features, Snoopza has some disadvantages. Let’s talk about the advantages first.


Following are the few advantages of the Snoopza spy app.

  • Easily accessible: The interface of this spy app is user-friendly. Even beginners can access it easily.
  • Track target device efficiently: This spy app is quite helpful to monitor employees, kids, or other target people. Its easy mechanism allows you to track the device in just a few minutes. 
  • Easy Installation: The installation and setup process is easy and quick. 
  • Compatibility: All Android devices are compatible with the Snoopza app. 


Below we have covered some of the disadvantages of Snoopza

  • Limited social media platform tracking: Snoopza does not track all the social media platforms. Unlike some other advanced spy applications, its services are only limited to some social media applications. 
  • Without keylogger functions: Snoopza is a free keylogger spy application. This might reduce its effectiveness and might cause problems in the software. 
  • Snoopza is incapable of exporting the target device’s data: Effectiveness and efficiency define the advanced spying application. This also includes features like exporting data from one of the target devices to your device. Unfortunately, Snoopza does not incorporate this feature and only enables you to check the real-time data. 

If you want to import data into your device, you need to find the alternative of Snoopza. You will find many spying applications that offer more advanced features compared to Snoopza.

Therefore, if you want to export data effectively, you need to find other spying applications.

What Are the Alternatives of Snoopza?

In this Snoopza Review section, we have listed some of the best spying apps that you can try. No doubt that Snoopza is one of the best spying apps out there; however, we cannot oversees its downside.

Plenty of spying apps are available on Google Play Store, and we have picked some of the advanced spying apps.

The following are the apps that are better than Snoopza, and you can try them.

In all the above apps, KidsGuard Pro is the best option to track the target device. We have covered some of the features and the process to install KidsGuard Pro.

Also, here is the full mSpy vs. FlexiSpy comparison for your further reading.

Use KidsGuard Pro to Track Your WhatsApp Status on Target Mobile

Similar to Snoopza, KidsGuard Pro is easy to use. However, it provides more features than Snoopza. The following are the features of KidsGuard Pro that will help you to monitor your kid’s device easily.

  • It allows you to track phone calls, text messages, WhatsApp messages, calls, emojis, stickers, etc.
  • You can see WhatsApp texts, videos, images, etc. easily.
  • The best part it even allows you to record WhatsApp calls.
  • You can track at least 10 WhatsApp data.
  • You do not need a password to see the WhatsApp data plus, this app operates silently. 

How KidsGuard Pro Helps in Monitoring the Android Smartphone

The following features are enough to tell you how effective and efficient this app is. 

  • You can record phone calls, and text messages of the target device.
  • It allows you to capture the screenshots to look at activities closely.
  • With the help of rear cameras, you can take photos of the person. 
  • This app is 100% secure to use. 

How to Use KidsGuard Pro App?

The process of downloading and installing KidsGuard Pro is quite simple. The following steps will help you to carry on this process. 

1: Go to the official website of KidsGuard Pro and sign up

2: After signing up, you need to purchase the plan that suits your requirement.

3: Download the app on the target device and complete all the necessary steps. 

That’s it. You can monitor the target device and see all the activities. In short, you have full control over your kid’s device. 


In the Snoopza Review, we have discussed all the key topics related to Snoopza. Plus, we have talked about the KidsGuard Pro app, which is another one of the best spying apps to monitor your kid’s devices.

KidsGuard Pro serves best for parental control and allows the parents to monitor every activity of their kids.



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