Top N64 Racing Games With Cool Features

N64 racing games are absolutely amazing, and there’s no doubt about it. With the massive range of options available, one might find it pretty difficult to differentiate the best games.

So, we prepared this list as a source to locate the best Nintendo 64 racing game.

Nintendo 64 Racing Game – List of Games

We have created this list with the most awesome N64 racing games we found during our research. So, we believe that you can find a superb Nintendo 64 racing game and start playing it.

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01 – Road Rash 64

n64 racing games - Road Rash 64

Road Rash is an excellent series of games where you have to ride motorcycles. You should also try to take out the other racers using weapons like bats and chains. If not, you can even use your bare fists to fight them.

This specific series started with Sega Genesis, but some sequels were released. Those sequels were released for consoles such as Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation.

Road Rash is considered to be THQ’s only published entry. Their previous versions were developed by Electronic Arts. The game has a licensed soundtrack as well, and it includes well-known bands like Sugar Ray, The Mermen, CIV, and Full on the Mouth.

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02 – Mickey’s Speedway USA

Mickey's Speedway USA

This can be seen as a take on the Mario Kart series. This game is developed by a company called Rareware. For your information, they were a group of second-party developers for Nintendo gaming consoles.

The best thing about this game is that it comprises Disney characters to mesmerize you. As per this game, you are supposed to race through various different parts of the USA. For instance, you should travel across Florida, the Grand Canyon, NY, and so on.

This game allows you to start off with six different characters. Namely, Mickey, Minnie, Peter, and Goofy are those characters.

In addition to that, you can even unlock characters like Dewey, Ludwig Von Drake, and Louie. On top of that, you can even unlock Huey if you connect the Gameboy Color version.

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03 – Star Wars Episode I: Racer

n64 racing games - Star Wars Episode I: Racer

In fact, many gaming enthusiasts will consider Star Wars Episode I: Racer as the best of its sequels. In this game, you will see that they have included a scene from the titular movie as well. That is when Anakin raced and other aliens from the universe of Star Wars.

This is rated as one of the best N64 racing games because of the odd physics and amazing controls. Compared to controlling the vehicles simultaneously as a bunch, you will control two engines. Those engines are set to sit in front of the vehicle.

Moreover, they are tethered by wiring, and it creates an excellent feeling for any gamer.

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04 – Beetle Adventure Racing

Beetle Adventure Racing

This’s a racing game where you can find cars, and all of those cars are under the Volkswagen brand. For some individuals, it may sound like a pretty odd marketing strategy. However, this is a pretty interesting option for those who want to play a Nintendo 64 racing game.

On top of that, you can find plenty of shortcuts included in each level. That requires you to develop some skills as well, and you should finish it at a good speed. In addition to that, you can find some nitro crates that are placed strategically.

So, if you hit a nitro crash, you will be given a boost for a short period. That will give you a better opportunity to win the game.

05 – Hydro Thunder

n64 racing games - Hydro Thunder

Hydro Thunder started off as an arcade game. As per this game, you will have to race as high-tech speedboats. These speedboats are ridden through various environments with great versatility. For instance, they go across Arctic Circle, NYC (post-apocalyptic), Catacombs, and even though the Nile.

In addition to that, Hydro Thunder offers a feature called boost icons, and they bring some insane speeds. That is compatible with the frame rate of the Nintendo 64. On top of that, you can find a sequel for Xbox Live Arcade. It is named Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

06 – LEGO Racers

LEGO Racers

This is a wonderful game that has been overlooked by many gaming enthusiasts due to some reason or another. But if you are looking for a Nintendo 64 racing game, you should check this game out for sure.

This game was initially released back in 1999, so it has quite a history. LEGO Racers got a considerable amount of traction when LEGO Racers 2 became available for PC, PS, and Gameboy.

With that said, the first LEGO Racers for Nintendo 64 is more of a wild ride. What’s important is that you don’t have to be a die-hard fan of LEGO to play this game. Any individual can play this awesome game with no issues as long as they love video games. If you compare it with various other N64 racing games, this game has some shortcomings.

In other words, it is not the perfect game out there for you to play. But the truth is that you can take this as a good Nintendo 64 racing game.

07 – Wave Race 64

n64 racing games - Wave Race 64

This is a game produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, who is the creator of Mario and Zelda. Basically, it is a jet ski racing game. As per the game, it was meant to have some high-tech boats. They are supposed to have the ability to transform. However, they finally decided to go with the current jet skis.

Wave Race 64 has some amazing water physics. It ensures that the game stands out from the rest. You can see that the game makes some natural waves. Your jet skis will move on those waves when you race.

08 – Ridge Racer 64

Ridge Racer 64

Ridge Racer 64 is another advanced game that was released before the Nintendo DS version. This game was released when they played tracks in reverse mode (that is for the ultimate challenge mode).

The demand to play the same tracks repeatedly faded away. As a result, the developers wanted to add more maps to the game.

09 – Wipeout 64

n64 racing games - Wipeout 64

Wipeout 64 is a pretty fast and intense Nintendo 64 racing game with futuristic characters. As per the game, you will have to pick up items that will act in two different ways. They will either speed you up or slow down others, helping you win the game.

It is pretty similar to the Mario Cart as well. It is true that it may appear as an F-Zero rip at a glance. However, the Wipeout series has a pretty different feeling in various areas.

For instance, you can find the controls of vehicles to be pretty different. Also, it has item pickup missions as well. This was not available in the F-Zero series.

When it comes to the Nintendo 64 version of this game, there are some new additions. Wipeout has added some new things to the series with analog control.

10 – F-Zero X

F-Zero X

As you may already know, the F-Zero series is a Nintendo-only game since its first release. It was initially introduced for SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System).

This specific game is considered to be one of the high-speed races that feature the reputed, fascinating Captain Falcon. The game is deployed in the future, and at that time, the Grand Prix event is no longer available.

So, in this game, The Grand Prix is reintroduced to the world only with a new set of rules. It also features newer tracks as well as some vehicles. You can play this game in multiplayer or single-player mode.

11 – Diddly Kong Racing

n64 racing games - Diddly Kong Racing

It is true that Mario Kart 64 was a pretty appealing game for a massive player base. It features pretty approachable racing as well. With that said, Diddy Kong Racing has some other characteristics that are different from others.

Diddy Kong Racing has a massive single-player campaign along with some superb challenging races. There are plenty of options in terms of tracks, vehicles, and characters when compared to Mario Kart 64.

Basically, this is a kart racing game, and yet it allows you to steer vehicles like hovercrafts and planes. Features like hidden secrets and boss races make Diddy Kong a more versatile and unique one.

12 – Extreme-G


Are you looking for a fantastic Nintendo 64 racing game that is close to reality? If that is the case, this might not be the best game for you.

This game is focused more on speed rather than realism. Perhaps, it could be the fastest game developed for Nintendo 64 console. You will not find any iconic racers like in various other games.

However, it has some awesome gameplay mechanics that are so powerful. You will have to use weapons and jump to proceed towards the completion of the game.

13 – Excitebike 64

n64 racing games - Excitebike 64

In a console like Nintendo, motocross sports have become very popular and advanced today. They became popular after the first release of those games. That said, Excitebike 64 is one of the finest N64 racing games you can play today.

However, it has some limited character selection and only a few bike options for players. But the truth is that it remains in the league of Excitebike 64 because of the strong gameplay.

The tracks of this game have bumps to add more excitement and challenge to the game. Players will jump high in the air while racing because of those bumps, and that’s so exciting.

There can be many other N64 racing games, but the above games are as cool as we think. If you think of any other games that should be added to this list, please keep us posted.



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