Top Best MKA to MP3 Converter in The Market

You may need a good MKA to MP3 converter in various instances.

In fact, the MKA file format is widely used with audio files. At times, you might need to convert MKA files to other formats, including MP3.

To get this job done correctly, you need a god MKA converter. With that said, we will explain the top best MKA to MP3 converters in the market.

Part 1: What is the MKA File Format?

In simplest terms, MKA is the shortened form for Matroska Multimedia Container. It is an open-source file format that comprises a variety of files.

It comprises files such as video, audio, image, and so on. This specific format was initially released back in 2002.

MKA is considered to be a particular extension used for audio files. In fact, MKA is compatible with various audio compression algorithms as well. For instance, it is compatible with AAC, MP3, and so on. You can intersect MKA files into different chapters.

Characteristics of a Good MKA Converter 

Please find the characteristics of a good MKA to MP3 converter below.

  • A good MKA to MP3 converter can convert MKA files into many different audio file formats. For instance, formats such as WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, M4A, and so on.
  • The converter must have all three basic features, namely import, convert, and export. Moreover, these features must be presented in a very user-friendly manner, so the user won’t find it complicated. Also, if they offer some sort of a free trial, that would be great value addition.
  • The converter must be able to maintain the original quality of the file. If your tool drops the quality during the conversion process, that’s not the best option to choose from.

Opening an MKA File

As you may already know, MKA is an audio file format. There are plenty of players that claim to have the ability to open MKA files.

Interestingly, even Windows Media Player can open MKA files. In addition to that, players like VLC can open MKA files without any trouble.

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Part 2: Best MKA to MP3 Converter

Let’s get to the point now. What is the best MKA to MP3 converter? In fact, there are several tools you can use to convert MKA to MP3.

However, choosing the best out of the rest can be pretty challenging for many individuals. So, we have prepared a list of the best MKA converter tools for your reference.

Listed below are those tools according to our learnings.

01 – Wondershare UniConverter

We consider the Wondershare UniConverter as a perfect MKA to MP3 converter due to several things. This is a comprehensive application that comprises plenty of tools to increase its efficiency.

It has an editor as well as a converter to get your jobs done easier. This tool is developed to be compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms.

In addition to that, it allows you to work with plenty of audio formats as well. It can help you edit and record audio easily. On top of that, they offer the tool at a very convenient price plan as well. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, this is a powerful video converter tool.

Please find some of the main features we have noticed below.

  • It can convert audio files to any format you intend. For instance, it is compatible with WMA, M4A, AUM4B, MPA, etc., in addition to MP4.
  • UniConverter can even convert M3U to MP3, and convert video files into formats like MP4, 3GP, WMV, and so on.
  • It can also convert images into JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, etc., without any issue.  
  • You can download or save videos using this converter app from more than 1000 video-sharing sources.
  • This tool lets you preview the output before seeing the exact output of the file. This allows you to check the quality as well as the framerate.  
  • It can convert files with 30X faster speed compared to other tools on the market.
  • UniConverter allows you to compress files without necessarily facing any limitations.
  • It lets you burn audio files directly into CDs and DVDs to create albums as you wish.

Let’s explain how to use this software and convert files in the next section.  

● Install the software

As the obvious first step, please download Wondershare UniConverter and get it installed on your PC or MAC. This tool is available for both MAC & Windows users. Once the program is installed, launch it by clicking on it.

● Import the files

Now, please click on the option called “Add Files” so you can import the respective MKA file. If not, you can even drag the respective file into the interface to start the process.

● Choose the output format

Now that the file is imported, please choose the output format. Choose it from the appearing dropdown menu. In addition to the format, you can choose the output quality as well.

Once you have chosen all the parameters as desired, click on “Convert“. This button is located at the bottom-right corner.

● Locate the output

Now that the imported file is converted and saved on your computer, you should locate it. To do that, you can simply click on the “Finished” tab next to “Converting“.

UniConverter MKA to MP3 Converter

02 – Filmora

Here’s another powerful, efficient, and extremely user-friendly tool that can convert audio files easily. In fact, Filmora can convert files for free without any trouble. This converter maintains the quality of the output file, so you can rely on it.

Also, this application is developed to be completely free, and it is easy to use. The user can even configure the settings of the audio based on the requirement. You can get started with a free trial if you need it.


03 – Any Audio Converter

If you are looking for a powerful tool to convert audio files, Any Audio Converter could be a good option. It works perfectly with a large number of audio file formats.

Mentioned below are some of the key features of this tool.

  • This tool can convert AAC, MKV, M4A, WAV, OGG, etc., into various other formats of your desire.
  • It can download audio files from video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.
Any Audio Converter

04 – Free Audio Converter

Here’s another advanced tool that can work as a handy MKA converter. Pretty much every individual will find this tool to be exceptionally simple.

Even if you are a total novice, this Free Audio Converter can do a perfect job without a hassle.

Here are some of the key features associated with Free Audio Converter.

  • It comes with a special encoder called INSANE and EXTREME. These two encoders allow you to convert audio, maintaining the highest quality.
  • It can convert files individually or as batches depending on the requirement of the user.
  • Moreover, this tool doesn’t come with any spyware, so you can install it without any hesitation.
Free Audio Converter

05 – ConvertFiles

This is another simplified tool that is designed specially to handle MKA files with a lot of options. ConvertFiles is compatible with various file formats in addition to MKA. Unlike many of the other tools in this list, ConvertFiles is an online tool.

That said, below are the key features of this simple yet handy online tool.

  • It is an online tool, so you don’t have to install any applications to use it.
  • It can convert MKA files to various other audio formats without any trouble.
  • You can use the same tool to convert other files into MKA files.
  • If required, you can even keep a backup of the converted file so you can download it later.
ConvertFiles MKA to MP3 Converter

06 – Aconvert

Aconvert is another useful and simple tool that has the ability to convert MKA files. It promises a fast conversion speed as well. Below are some of the features associated with this tool.

  • It shows all the output options related to MKA file conversion.
  • It can convert your audio files in a couple of seconds and save you precious time.
  • Simple yet very effective tool compared to many other random tools found on the internet.

07 – iDealshare VideoGo

If you are a Mac user and looking for an MKA converter, here’s a good solution to try. iDealshare VideoGo is a pretty efficient tool that can convert MKA to MP3 with ease saving your time. It doesn’t cause any quality loss once the file is converted.

In addition to converting, VideoGo can even compress your audio files and save them using small storage space. Any MAC user can use this tool and convert any MKA file to MP3.

  • It compresses videos apart from converting them.
  • Fast conversion speed.
  • Highly efficient tool designed for Mac.
  • No quality loss.

08 – MMConvert

The eighth and last tool on our list is MMConvert. This is developed with user-friendliness and efficiency in mind. As the user, all you need is to follow a couple of easy steps to convert files.

In addition to converting, this application allows you to perform several other operations as well. In general, it is an easy-to-use tool with many features.

  • Conversion of files is very easy.
  • Can convert MKA to MP3 with a couple of steps.
  • A user-friendly tool with a lightweight operation.
MMConvert MKA to MP3 Converter

Well, you can use the above applications and convert your MKA files into other formats as you wish. However, their performance may vary from one tool to another. In addition to the ones mentioned in this article, there are several other tools to get the job done.

However, when you download a tool to convert files, you must be very careful. Some of the tools available in the market can come with malware and adware that can cause various troubles. For instance, some malware can even steal your personal information.

So, it is exceptionally important to choose a good, reliable application that doesn’t have any malware. The apps we have presented in this article, however, do not associate with any of those issues.

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There are plenty of apps to convert MKA to MP3 if you do a little bit of research. However, as mentioned above, not all those tools are as good as they claim. The list above comprises reliable and safe tools that can convert your MKA files into other formats.

The first two tools, in particular (Wondershare UniConverter and Filmora), are professional solutions to accomplish this task. Also, they assure perfect output quality and user-friendliness. Besides, you can take a look at the other applications as well.

Do you know other reliable MKA converter tools that can fall in this category? Please let us know.



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