Top Medical Games – Updated List 2022

Medical games or medicine games may sound somewhat uncommon for some gaming enthusiasts across the globe. However, the truth is that hospital games on PC can be very interesting on many occasions.

Also, playing a different game genre can add more excitement to your gaming life. Thinking of that, we have created a list of the best hospital games for you.

What Are Medicine Games? 

In general, video games we see the daily focus on destroying enemies in many ways. However, medical games work in the exact opposite manner. That means those games are designed so that you should heal others to proceed.

Pretty much all the hospital games on PC wants you to heal as many patients as possible. The more you heal, the better you score. Those patients may have different injuries – some are mild and others are serious. Also, some of the best hospital games even require you to build and run hospitals.

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List of Best Hospital Games 

We created this list of the best hospital games for our readers. So, if you want to skip the monotony and try something fresh, medicine games are just for you. So, pick some hospital games on PC from this list.

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01. Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon

Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon

This is a game that has quite a history as it was released back in 1994. That was initially released for SNES consoles. Although it is a pretty old game, it has some attractive characteristics even for the younger generations. The main purpose is to educate individuals about the consequences of smoking. Even though such concepts are common today, this game was a new idea in the 90s.

Although it is focused on health education, that doesn’t ruin the excitement of the game. The Experimental Surgeon can shrink into a small character and go into the patient’s body. The patient has been suffering from cancer due to smoking every day since he was a youngster.

So, the surgeon (you) has to remove precancerous cells and nicotine from the body of the patient. The other interesting thing about this game is that there are micromachines inside the patient’s body. Those micromachines were sent by the tobacco company for which the patient has worked. So, that’s a pretty interesting game for those who like to play medical games.

02. Amateur Surgeon

Amateur Surgeon Medical Games

The truth is that Amateur Surgeon comprises content that is not so ethical in the real world. However, it is all about a video game; you shouldn’t worry about it that much. It started as a mobile game developed by a company called Adult Swim.

The Amateur Surgeon series can be seen in many different games, and version 4 is the latest. It is a puzzle game, so the player has to decide on the ailments and tools. Interestingly, you should use everyday household items and cure those patients.

03. Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital

This is one of the most notable medicine games with a pretty humorous touch. As per the game, you are supposed to run a hospital. This game has some characteristics related to Wallace and Gromit. The players should build hospitals and make them appear perfectly along with smooth operation.

In addition to that, the players are supposed to treat patients as well and walk through the doors. The residents in Two Point County suffer from weird health conditions. The players are supposed to build different rooms and employ doctors. The ultimate goal is to find a cure. It can be challenging but exciting.

04. Viscera Cleanup Detail

Medical Games - Viscera Cleanup Detail

If you are a fan of anime games, you might feel so familiar with this game. However, you’re supposed to clean up some human organs in this game. Also, you will feel some sci-fi feeling in this game. You will see the message “Save Us” written in blood everywhere to make things more unique.

As per the gameplay, you should remove amputated limbs, scrub bodily fluids, and so on. Also, they should protect themselves from organic mouths and antigravity machines found everywhere in the hospital. Although it is not a 100% medical game, this is a great entry in many ways.

05. Bio Inc: Redemption

Bio Inc: Redemption

As per this game, the players are supposed to save a person whose life is in their hands. As the player, you can decide whether to kill him or save him. Players will enjoy the deadly scenarios for the patients.

They can also enjoy the surrounding like dark plot, treatment methods, and other aspects. You will find 18 different cases to try so you can experience how good your skills are. Also, you can choose the gender of the patients. If that’s not enough, this game also comes with a multiplayer battle mode.

06. Hospital Tycoon

Hospital Tycoon Medical Games

This is another decent option for those looking for hospital games on PC. In this game, you will learn how a hospital is operated and managed properly. This game was released in 2007, and it also has a touch of The Sims.

Players can control the expanding hospital and should take care of the patients. Doctors, as well as nurses, should be treated well. Each doctor and nurse will be ranked based on how they treat the patients.

07. Big Pharma

Big Pharma

You don’t often see the phrase “Pharma” in video games. However, with Big Pharma, you can experience some of the areas of this massive industry. This game is relatively new compared to the others, and it was released in 2015. The player has to use their research work so they can either help the world or earn money.

Just like with other builder games, the gameplay involves creating various facilities using those warehouses. The player will be able to access different types of technologies. The UI of this game is very slick. It is an ideal entry for those who intend to play the best hospital games.

08. Emergency Room 3

Medical Games - Emergency Room 3

This is a game introduced in 1995. This game started in the form of a medical simulator entry for PC. This is the only game in this series released for Nintendo DS. The player will have to control a character like a paramedic. They take on various emergencies as well.

Each of those cases is based on real-life procedures. In addition to that, players don’t have to deal with everything. Instead, the game is supported by some AI elements as well.

09. Project Hospital

Project Hospital

This specific game started in the form of a mystery SEGA project in 2018. This game offers the fullest control to players, and they can play various roles. For instance, they can play as hospital managers, doctors, or even architects.

Like in many other medicine games, this game requires you to build a hospital from scratch. You can select plenty of objects with different colors. If not, you can even use some preset models available.  You should manage the hospital, hire staff, etc.

Also, you should keep them happy so they will work with optimal confidence and productivity. All in all, this is a superb game for those who are looking for the best hospital games.

10. LifeSigns: Surgical Unit

LifeSigns: Surgical Unit Medical Games

This is an adventure game and still falls into the category of medical games. It was first released in North America in 2007 as a Nintendo DS game. However, this is a spin-off to another game released only in Japan. Also, you can find many characters in this game.

Players are supposed to play in the form of a character called Tendo, a second-year intern. As per the gameplay, Tendo is transferred to a new hospital. The players should explore the hospital and engage with staff and patients. Also, they can do surgeries as well. So, this is a good option for those looking for medicine games.

11. Plague Inc. Evolved

Plague Inc. Evolved

It is true that pretty much all the medical games are built on the concept of saving lives. However, this game works exactly the opposite manner. As per this game, you are supposed to kill them instead of saving them.

The players must create a deadly pathogen that can destroy all mankind. There are various disease types and scenarios you can manipulate. This game aims to make that pathogen a lethal one as much as possible. To make things more competitive, it has a multiplayer mode.

12. Heart’s Medicine – Time to Heal

Medical Games - Heart's Medicine - Time to Heal

This is a 2D game, and it comprises pretty much everything. It has medical drama, personal drama, and even an adorable female character. The game comprises some superb mechanics, and they are applied to an aspiring doctor. This specific doctor works in a hospital called Little Creek.

The player should take on a range of surgeries and other treatments. The game is affordable because it costs only $13 for the full retail version.

13. Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator

As the name suggests, this game is based on gameplay that wants you to be a surgeon. Well, this game will prove how bad you all are as surgeons and how difficult that job is.

After all, that’s so fun. Players are supposed to play as Nigel Burke, and he will perform various surgeries. Those surgeries are done in different places, such as space or an ambulance that moves. Isn’t that interesting?

14. Trauma Center: New Blood

Trauma Center: New Blood Medical Games

This is one of the best hospital games you can find today. As per this game, you will find two main protagonists, Valerie and Markus. They have to fight against a man-made virus, and it is named Stigma. This game is developed based on a novel.

The players are supposed to use Wii Remote along with a Nunchuk. That is necessary to select different operating tools. They have to perform different actions, including stitching up wounds. If you make any mistakes during the surgery, that will negatively impact the patient’s health.

So, those are the medicine games we have found out. What’s your favorite out of the above 14 entries?



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