How to Block Inappropriate Websites on Phone?

“Does anyone know how to block inappropriate websites on Android so my child cannot access them? I am so bothered because my kid is using his phone, and don’t know what he does with it. So, if anyone can tell me how to block inappropriate websites on the phone, that would be much appreciated.”

Why Should a Parent Learn How to Block Inappropriate Websites on Android?

It is simple to restrict your youngster from using a computer to browse the internet. All you have to do is apply certain extensions or add-ons to the browser. As a result, you can prevent your child from accessing such sites. However, if your kid is using an Android cellphone, things surely get more difficult.

So, do you wonder how to block inappropriate websites on Android? If that’s the case, mentioned below are some methods for blocking unsuitable websites on Android. These options might be able to bring a solution to the problem you might have.

The internet today, compared to the early days, has become an inextricable element of our lives. Children and teens, as well as adults, use the internet on a regular basis for a variety of reasons.

And there’s a good chance they’ll end up on websites that aren’t acceptable to them. The majority of them are adult or pornographic websites.

According to research, the more sexual stuff your youngster watches, the more likely they are to become hostile. You can’t just prevent your youngster from using the internet. You must render such websites unavailable.

So, go ahead and learn how to block inappropriate websites on the phone and protect your child from potential threats.

How to Block Inappropriate Websites on Android Phone 

Please find below simple solutions to try if you wonder how to block inappropriate websites on Android phones. So, let’s go ahead and learn those methods to protect your child from potential dangers.

PS: let’s figure out how to check computer history on different Web Browsers with ease.

The simplest approach to ban unsuitable websites on an Android is to do so directly from the browser. You may use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, or any other browser; most of them offer a setting for it. You may then activate safe searching from there.

It ensures that no incorrect search term or website link appears accidentally the next occasion you browse the internet. However, assume that your youngster is intelligent enough to understand this. Or, if he or she visits porn or explicit sites on purpose, it’ll be of no use to you.

Consider your youngster accessing the internet with Google Chrome. We assume so because that is the most popular web browser.

1. As the first step, you should launch Google Chrome and click the dotted line in the top-right corner.

Enable Safe Search to Block Inappropriate Websites on Phone

2. Then, please go to the option called “Privacy” and choose “Settings” to proceed.

3. Now, you can select the option called “Safe Browsing” from the drop-down menu.

4. After that, you can select the option called “Enhanced Protection.” If not, it will appear as “Safe Browsing” on the respective drop-down menu to accomplish this task.

02. Configure the Settings of the Play Store

Do you wonder how to block inappropriate websites on Android? If so, you can try this method as well. Google Play Store, like Google Chrome, gives you the option of restricting your child’s access to unsuitable stuff.

As previously said, certain applications or games may lead your children to become more violent. So, if you wish, you may prevent your child from using apps or games that they shouldn’t.

Music, movies, and books, in addition to apps and games, are accessible on your Google Play Store. Also, the chances are that it may include adult material. You may also prevent your children from using them.

1. As the first step, you should access Google Play Store. To do that, go to the top left corner and touch on three horizontal lines.

Google Play Store

2. After that, you should navigate to the option called “Settings.”

Config Google Play Settings to Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

3. Go to Parental Controls under User Controls.

Parent Controls on Google Play Store

4. Turn it on and set the PIN.

5. Next, decide which categories you intend to restrict. In addition to that, you should define for how long you want them to have access to them.

That’s how to block inappropriate websites on the phone using Google Play Store.

03. How to Block Inappropriate Websites on Phone using the Option Called “OpenDNS”

Right now, OpenDNS is the greatest DNS service available. It not only blocks unsuitable websites on Android but also improves internet performance. It also restricts sites that preach hatred, present violent material, or exhibit unpleasant imagery, in addition to pornographic sites. You don’t want your youngster to get enraged or acquire a hatred for a certain group of people. Right!

You have two choices. Either install an app from your device’s Google Play Store or even update the DNS IP directly in Settings. You may pick one option from a variety of programs on the Google Play Store. For instance, DNS Changer, OpenDNS Updater, DNS Switch, etc., are good examples for them.

1. To get it done, let’s install DNS Changer as an example. You can install it using the Google Play Store, which is already found on the respective Android device.

How to Block Inappropriate Websites on Phone via OpenDNS

2. First, you should launch the app after successfully installing it on the device.

3. Now, you should run that app once the installation is completed.

4. After that, you should see the interface that has several DNS options.

5. You can choose the option called OpenDNS to get it opened.

If not, you can take the manual route to accomplish the same result on that device. If you replace the default DNS of your ISP with OpenDNS, that should work. That will prevent your kid from accessing inappropriate websites on that device.

In fact, it is pretty similar to using the app. The major difference between the two is that you should put a little more effort into this method.

Please Follow the Simple Tutorial Below to Get It Done.

1. First, you can go to “Settings” and find the option that represents “Wi-Fi.”

2. Now, you should change DHCP to its Static mode.

3. As the next step, you should find DNS1 & DNS2 addresses and IP.

Add the following values to each:

  • IP:
  • DNS1:
  • DNS2:

However, what you should know is that these things will work unless your kid doesn’t know about VPNs. In other words, OpenDNS becomes ineffective when a VPN is present. With a VPN, you can bypass OpenDNS successfully.

Also, such DNS will work only for the configured Wi-Fi network. If the child connects to a different Wi-Fi network, the OpenDNS becomes ineffective and useless.

04. Family Parental Control by Norton

How to Block Inappropriate Websites on Phone via Norton Family Parental Control

If you wonder how to block inappropriate websites on your phone, you can consider Norton as well. In fact, Norton is known for security-related products. They have also offered a Parental Control tool so you can use it to block unwanted content.

This software advertises on Google Play as a parent’s closest friend. They also promise to keep their children safe when using the internet. In fact, this specific application helps parents to monitor and exert control over their child’s internet behavior. For a modern-day busy parent, this could be an ideal option.

Not only that, but it can also keep tabs on their text conversations, web browsing, etc. It also presents you with the search history of the respective device. And it’ll notify you right away if your youngster breaks one of the rules.

There are more than 40 filters to select from, so you may ban pornographic websites if you want to. The only drawback is that it’s a premium service, so expect to shell out money for it. The greatest part is that you get a 30-day free trial in order to to see whether the app is worthy of your money or not.

05. How to Block Inappropriate Websites on Phone by CleanBrowsing

How to Block Inappropriate Websites on Phone via CleanBrowsing

Inappropriate sites on Android may be blocked by using this method as an alternative. Like OpenDNS, this program uses DNS blocking as a paradigm. It prevents access to pornographic websites by blocking undesired traffic.

For some reason, this app isn’t accessible on the Google Play Store right now. However, you may get it from the developer’s website. Simple to use and accessible on all platforms make this app a winner and make it really useful.

With the assistance of these techniques, you may prevent Android from accessing any of the above-mentioned websites. The Play Store, as well as the internet, comprise plenty of tools to assist you in blocking problematic websites. If none of the above options have worked, you can continue further research as well.

Also, avoid being too protective to the point that your youngster begins to feel oppressed. The best approach is to speak with your kids and explain to them the consequences associated with explicit content.

So, that’s how to block inappropriate websites on Android. Do you know any other effective ways to overcome this error? If so, you can go ahead and explain them below.



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