Best Five Games Like Total War

Do you love playing Total War? We have listed the five best games like Total War that will allow you to experience the most exciting gameplay of strategy-based games.

Total War:

Total War is said to be the most popular turn-based real-time game, which comprises of awesome combat style and historical storyline. The features and mechanisms used in Total War are far better than other RTG genre games.

Once you have played this in-depth strategy and tactics-based game, you will get involved in it for hours. It is hard to find any real-time strategy game fan who does not like the Total War series. It is safe to say that RTS fans have at least tried one installment of this game series. 

Total War has successfully gained popularity around the world because of its rich history stories and detailed gameplay. It takes you centuries back in the medieval era when nations were at war against each other.

The developers have managed to portray medieval age warfare through games. It does not only bring one warfare story to light but also different countries’ warfare. This game has featured 15 titles, each one of them containing a story of some of the epic battles that took place in the world. 

Furthermore, Total War has shown a broader perspective of warfare. It includes political aspects and resource management, which enable you to not only fight battles but also get to know its outcome. There are many strategy-based games similar to Total War out there, due to which it is hard to find such good games.

If you have thoroughly played this game series and are looking for other real-time strategy games similar to Total War, then we have picked out the best games like Total War for you to play. Without further ado, let’s check out the five best games like Total War.

Best Games Like Total War:

#1. Civilization

Games Like Total War - Civilization

Civilization is like a gem for RTS game fans as it contains a similar amount of intensity in its gameplay as it is in Total War. It is undoubtedly one of the best games similar to Total War and has received a lot of appreciation since its release. This game was released a decade ago, but it still attracts many players.

Developed by Sid Meier, it incorporates immersive gameplay and detailed tactics. You need to choose a nation at the start and blend in its science, war, culture, and finance in order to forge ahead in the game. Each nation consists of unique characteristics and history.

Although in the beginning, you will be equipped with medieval weaponry like bows and arrows, as you advance further, you can opt for more destructive weapons, like nuclear bombs and other warheads.

Furthermore, this game lets you dissect every part of warfare. As the name suggests, Civilization will make you see the broader perspective of citizens and society.

The pivot of this game is based on fighting for the glory of the nation and its people, and thus, you also need to look through it in terms of economics, art, religion, society, etc. Its unique gameplay makes it one of the best RTS games like Total War.

#2. King Arthur

King Arthur

A legend fighter from myth, King Arthur is a real-time strategy game that lets you experience the heroism of King Arthur, who is a leader of a great nation. This game will allow you to fight some of the noble battles to reclaim power. Plus, you will get to see the unique features and mechanism of its wonderful gameplay.

Your task is to take over the control of your nation back from the enemies. To succeed, you must use all the mechanisms and tactics required. You will be put through dire situations to test your skills and abilities. You must fight battles, hire individual warriors, and build alliances with neighboring nations to fight the enemy.

Moreover, you must participate in every decision and campaign in order to ensure that the goals are achieved successfully. Every time you are in a battle, it is your responsibility to upgrade your strategy and come up with different approaches and tactics to ensure your victory over your enemy. In addition, you will witness fantasy troops and magical powers during the battle, which adds more fun to the game. The blend of all these features makes it one of the most legendary games like Total War.

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#3. Mount and Blade

Games Like Total War - Mount and Blade

If you are a fan of RTS games and do not know about Mount and Blade, then you are missing an important piece of art and adventure of this genre. With millions of fan followings, this game is a blessing for RTS fans. It includes everything that RTS fans can ask for. There is a talented modding community that ensures new features and changes in the game.

 Most of the players spend their time on the two main games of this series, along with the third game, which is available on Early Access on Steam. It lays out a perfect example of political and social unrest among the small group which aims to take over the world. In this game, you will be equipped with various weapons like archery, swords, hand-to-hand weapons, and many other weapons.

Plus, it allows you to opt out of the battle that your group is taking part in. The aesthetic visuals of the location and cities elevate the level of this game. The location serves a vital role in making tactics and strategies.

It comprises amazing history, epic battle, weapons, use of tactics and strategies, astonishing location, eye-catching visuals, and many other features that make it one of the most popular games like Total War. 

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#4. Age of Empires

Age of Empires

Created by Ensemble Studios, Age of Empires is the first game in this franchise which was released by Xbox Games Studios in 1997. Till now, eight games have been published in this series. The storyline of this game is set in the medieval age of Asia, Europe, and Africa. It is available on many platforms like PlayStation 2, Windows, Mac OS, Nintendo DS, IOS, Android, and other such gaming platforms.

To experience the magic of real-time strategy genre games similar to Total War, then you must try Age of Empires. It is one of the most played games similar to Total War and is still popular among its fans.

The developers of this game have successfully maintained its reputation by introducing new versions among its players. The updated versions of this game are filled with new content and functionality, making its player addicted to the game.

Just like other games like Total War, this game will too indulge you in its battles and history. As the leader of the nation, you must fight to restore the glory of your nation.

Moreover, this game will let you play based on alternative history to that of real history, thus making it more interesting and enjoyable. Its robust history and mechanism define its fine gameplay.

Age of Empires is a blend of RTS games like StarCraft or WarCraft and other games similar to Total War that let you experience the immersive warfare that only a few games have been able to master. Its ongoing new installments and various features have indeed attracted its player to this date. It is one of the best games like Total War to date. 

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#5. Crusader Kings II

Games Like Total War - Crusader Kings II

This game doesn’t need any introduction as the Crusader series is one of the popular games in the real-time strategy genre. Although people can argue about its game style for the RTS genre, it brings uniqueness to its gameplay.

Set in the medieval period, this game allows you to use strategies and mechanisms to win the missions. You must fight to safeguard your land or religion. Filled with in-depth strategy and unique history, it will test your abilities and skill set.

Its graphics may look outdated, but its cult-classic game style and medieval location will indulge you for hours. In this game, you will come across several epic battles. The more battles you win, the more people will follow your lead.

As you advance in the game, you will gain experience and unlock various features and weapons, which will eventually help you in your big battles. Remember that Crusader Kings II is a strategy-based game, and your focus should be more on trying various strategies.

In Crusader Kings II, you need to manage your resources and hire the warriors to develop your army. Plus, alliance with other lands will help you quickly achieve the task of defeating your enemy. You should enhance your abilities and resources for the big battles.

Your abilities will be tested at every step of the game, and you must appropriately allocate your strategies and tricks to get positive results. This game is one of the best RTS games like Total War, and RTS fans will surely enjoy it.

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Conclusion on the Best Games Like Total War:

So, this is the list of games similar to Total War. All these games contain a perfect combination of medieval era history, combats, weapons and armors, aesthetic visuals, and strategic gameplay. You will get to see the big picture of warfare through these games similar to Total War.

Unlike other action-adventure games, these games do not only focus on battles but also involve the different aspects and outcomes of the battle. You should definitely try out these amazing RTS genre games.



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